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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Holiday Sketch Books

Holidays are the perfect time for all of us, whatever our ages, to keep a sketch book.....  You will have the time and will be experiencing different things, so there will be plenty of inspiration.

If you have children or young people with you, please encourage them to keep one too.  Don't be too strict, anything goes, it's the doing it that is important.  If you are accommodating young children, then I suggest collecting some materials, ie paper, card, stickers, glue/ double sided tape, pencils, pens etc, whatever you can collect and afford.  Check out pound shops, markets and cheaper shops, we're going to personalise our sketch books, this is not a time for expensive competition!  

All of my sketch books have been about recording the moment, in whatever form is appropriate in the time available, so that I have resource material to refer to........  here are some pages from a very ordinary sketch book, which I kept during a holiday in 1999, as you can see, I painted, did some sketching and painting, but also used seaweed, took photos and kept cards and info to recollect a lovely relaxing holiday..............have a go x x